"Bridging Cultures Through Music"

The Prague Multicultural Music Project will be partnering
with the American Spring Festival 2017.

Featuring classical, jazz, blues, folk music and offering additional masterclasses,
discussions and workshops presented by artists from around the world.

PMMP Information and Events Schedule

The Prague Multicultural Music Festival is a city wide event. We will have gigs and concerts held in several venues. We will be updating the schedule as we go. So please keep checking back for updates.

PMMP - Prague Multicultural Music Project
Diplomat Vienna House
(Hotel where instruments will be stored, some musicians stay here.)
Evropska 15
CZ - 160 41 Prague 6
+420 296 559 111


*Symposium Series (SS) - Includes: masterclasses, clinics, panel,discussions, chamber music reading sessions
*Classical MusicSeries (CS)
*After Hours Series (AS)

  1. 22 June - Thursday
    Festival Opening Session
    (AS) American/Czech Blues Bands - Featuring Greeze (from Cincinnati Ohio, USA) Five Rivers Band, from Pilsen, Czechia
  2. 23 June - Friday
    9:30 a.m. (CS) Orchestra Rehearsal lunch 1:00 pm (CS) Orchestra Rehearsal (SS) East Meets West - Czech music in collaboration with Indian Asian culture (including dancers) (AS)- Folk Music “Czech/American Folk Jam” - dinner, traditional music and dance (Prague)
  3. 24 June - Saturday
    Prague & Ustek
    (SS) Panel Discussion - Stratus Orchestra Topic “Immersive Concert Series” (CS) Rehearsal - Ss Simon and Jude (Ustek Summer Music Festival) (CS) 7 pm Concert - Ss Simon and Jude (Ustek Summer Music Festival) (AS) - 8 pm Guitar Night - Prague
  4. 25 June - Sunday
    (SS) 10:30 a.m. Chamber Music Reading Session I 11:30 a.m., Namalèse Quartet, Koruni Chapel, Prague (CS) 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Rehearsal (CS) 7:30 pm - Concert - Czech Museum of Music
  5. 26 June - Monday
    Prague and Vysoka Pribrami
    Visit - Dvorak Estate, hosted by Debashish and Jana Chaudhuri (Vysoka Pribrami) (AS) 7 pm Greeze Concert - Prague
  6. 27 June - Tuesday
    Prague and Jablonec
    (SS) 10:30 a.m. - Chamber Music of the World/Chamber Music Reading Session II (CS) 3:30 pm - rehearsal (Jablonec) (CS) 7 pm - Concert Jablonec Municipal Theatre
  7. 28 June - Wednesday
    (CS)9 a.m. - Rehearsal (Winds, brass, percussion only) (CS) Lunchtime Concert - Symphony Winds (winds/brass/percussion) Featuring a newly commissioned work for the PMMP - a gypsy piece for winds by Lukas Sommer Dinner Cruise - Vltava River (Moldau)
Music Clinics

Play on stage with professional musicians from around the world.

   Bridging cultural borders with 5 days of workshops and performances culminating with concerts in Prague and the surrounding areas. Concerts are in conjunction with the American Spring Festival,
June 22 - 27, 2017.